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What is Affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate Marketing by Best Affiliate Marketing Service Provider In India is the process to advertise your products /services by introducing links on different websites, influencing customers to visit them. The ads are placed on websites of individuals who voluntarily sign up for the marketing program. In return, they get some form of a commission whenever a sale takes place.

If you want to opt for this Marketing Model, Unidrim can help you get it done by developing high-end affiliate campaigns, ensuring your products/services get visibility at the right platforms. With years of experience in affiliate marketing services, we have built a strong network of advertisers, influencers and publishers, who can help us, connect your brand to the right marketer and maximize your returns.

Tangible Results with Better Brand Awareness

Our affiliate marketing campaigns focused on one primary goal – to deliver excellent results and enhance your online business. Our affiliate programs connect a bridge between your brand and real customers to increase your sales, and not just for getting you page views or unnecessary clicks.

Best Affiliate Marketing Service Provider In India

Our Affiliate Marketing Services Include Creation of:

  • Advertisement and Sales Pitch
  • Banner Design
  • Advertising Network
  • Text Ads

After carefully analyzing your industry vertical, products and services, we implement our affiliate programs across:

  • Blogs
  • Information Portals
  • Product Review Websites
  • Price Comparison Platforms
  • Sites dedicated for Membership and Voucher and many more.

Our dedicated affiliate marketing team proactively reviews your affiliate marketing campaigns, and keep you updated of every progress. We do everything from our side to maintain the integrity of your campaigns by ensuring measurable and genuine results.

Have a quick chat with our Affiliate Marketing professional. The contact details are given below

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