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Pay Per Click (PPC) is an online marketing strategy where you can display your ads on various platforms. It is one of the most preferred marketing strategies because it is result-efficient and cheaper as compared to other forms of paid marketing. You will only have to pay when someone clicks your ads and not for the display.

Our PPC Management Services

The UniDrim PPC service provider in India has a track record of executing prosperous PPC campaigns in a range of sectors. Our PPC specialists are skilled at navigating the nuances of various platforms, keeping up with market developments, and customizing tactics to fit your unique set of company requirements.  We can design a unique PPC campaign since we comprehend the industry, the target market, and the goals. We promptly respond to your problems, give thorough reports, and keep you updated on the status of your initiatives.

What Are the Different Types of PPC Ads that we provide?

Pinterest Ads: Advertisers may set up campaigns on Pinterest Ads and pay for impressions, clicks, or engagements.

Twitter Ads: Businesses may reach a specific audience by using Twitter Ads to promote tweets, accounts, or trends.

Google Ads: To display their advertising in Google’s search results and on the Google Display Network, advertisers place bids on keywords. It consists of display, text, and video advertisements.

YouTube Ads: Advertisers may display video advertising on YouTube with these ads, which are part of PPC services in India.

Facebook Ads: This tool lets companies make customized adverts that show up in consumers’ news feeds. It has a variety of ad forms, such as carousel advertisements, picture ads, and video commercials.

Instagram Ads: With integration with Facebook Ads, advertisers may run picture, video, carousel, and story ad types on both networks.

LinkedIn ads: They target certain sectors, job titles, and demographics, and they are geared at a professional audience. Display advertisements, sponsored InMail, sponsored content, and other ad types are examples.

Expansion within minutes

If you are a seller in India and want to expand your business in other countries or vice versa, then we can help you explore untapped markets. Global expansion is easy with PPC.

Why Unidrim?

  • We are in the business from 7+ years
  • We offer tailor-made ppc campaigns for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Our professionals can create and structure compelling ads, leading to maximum conversion
  • We proactively measure results and ensure high ROI by continuously optimizing new opportunities
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I worked with unidrim team for my website development and digital marketing. they have done great job for my work. I can say "best software development company in India".. Cheers !!
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It is my pleasure to recommend UNIDRIM team to all interested individuals and parties.They have been professional, comprehensive and competent throughout the process of our working together . They always asked for feedback after every single milestone. They were flexible, creative, forward-thinking. My experience was absolutely wonderful. They were able to deliver everything we needed.

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