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Having a properly designed website and efficient digital marketing methods may have a big influence on your brand’s exposure and reach, regardless of how big or little your business is. Unidrim is one business that sticks out in the field of digital marketing and web development.

  • Expertise in Web Development
  • Customized Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Results-Driven Approach
  • Creative Design Solutions
  • Client-Centric Philosophy

Technologies We Work With

We are developing utilizing an agile paradigm. Using an agile methodology, our web development teams can produce a website that is both customer-focused and functional. This technique makes it easier for the website to be flexible and react swiftly to changes in the ever-evolving web development industry.

Our tools include:

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)

PHP’s versatility, simplicity of integration, and extensive capabilities make it a popular platform for creating dynamic and interactive websites. PHP is a key component of web development, allowing developers to construct dynamic, data-driven websites. Its flexibility, huge community support, and ongoing innovation make it an invaluable tool for developing strong online applications. We use PHP to develop our content management systems (CMS) and frameworks.


Laravel is recognized for its clean syntax and developer-friendly features. Laravel makes it easier to do standard operations like as routing, caching, and authentication. Laravel is a sophisticated and feature-rich framework that can be used for a variety of web development projects, from tiny websites to massive enterprise-level apps. Laravel distinguishes itself as a robust and adaptable framework that blends clean syntax with a wide range of functionality. Its expressive features, paired with a helpful community and extensive documentation, make it an ideal choice for developers looking for efficiency and scalability in their projects.


CodeIgniter is an open-source PHP framework that uses the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural paradigm. Its major purpose is to assist developers in quickly developing online applications while focusing on simplicity, performance, and scalability. CodeIgniter is noted for its small footprint, which makes it simple to install and appropriate for projects of all sizes. Its simplicity, speed, and versatility make it a fantastic choice for developers that want to build efficient and scalable online applications. We utilize CodeIgniter, a PHP framework noted for being lightweight and clear.


Angular is a widely used open-source framework for creating dynamic web applications. It is created and maintained by Google. Angular builds web application structures using a declarative approach, which makes them easier to comprehend and manage. The framework’s modular and declarative approach makes development easier, more maintainable, and improves the overall user experience. We leverage Angular’s component-based design to create dynamic, single-page web applications (SPAs).


React.js, sometimes known as React, is an open-source JavaScript toolkit for creating user interfaces and UI components. It has achieved broad popularity because to its declarative and component-based approach to UI development. React enables developers to construct reusable UI components and effectively update views as data changes.React.js has become a staple of modern web development, providing a strong and quick method for creating dynamic user interfaces. Its declarative style, component-based design, virtual DOM, and broad ecosystem make it an excellent choice for a diverse set of applications. React.js allows us to construct reusable UI components, as well as interactive and quick user interfaces, using a component-based design.


Node.js is an open-source cross-platform JavaScript runtime based on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. It enables developers to run JavaScript code on the server side, allowing them to create strong and efficient online apps. Node.js has an event-driven, non-blocking I/O mechanism, making it ideal for real-time applications and data-intensive activities. Node.js’ ability to manage real-time communication, use a huge ecosystem of packages, and provide a fast and scalable runtime make it an appealing option for developing the next generation of online applications. We utilize Node.js to create backend services, scalable network apps, and APIs.


WordPress provides a user-friendly, adaptable, and feature-rich platform that meets a wide range of demands. It enables users to construct and administer websites without requiring substantial technical skills, making it available to a diverse variety of users. WordPress delivers the tools and support you need to bring your idea to life. WordPress is a trustworthy and dynamic alternative for individuals looking to build a strong online presence. We utilize WordPress to power a variety of websites. It features a large number of plugins that enhance its capabilities.

Our Web Development Process

Project kickoff meeting:- We identify objectives, develop an agenda, and grasp the project’s goals, scope, and needs.

Requirement analysis:- We gather, document, and comprehend our clients’ needs and expectations.

Project Estimation (Time line & budget estimation):– The budget and time for project completion of web development is determined.

Project final discussion:- Our client, developers, designers, and project managers all participate in this final session to assess the results and plan for future improvements.

Design & development:- The web development process is divided into numerous stages, including conception and planning, design, development, testing, and deployment.

  • Design Phase includes Requirements Gathering, Wireframing, Prototyping, UI/UX Design, Mockups, User Testing
  • Development Phase include Technology Stack Selection, Database Design, Frontend Development, Backend Development, Integration, API Development, Testing, Optimization, Security Implementation, Deployment, Monitoring and Maintenance

Testing along with development:- Testing is included into the development process to assist detect and correct issues early on, minimizing the possibility of faults or flaws in the final product.

Final submission: – The completed website is shown to the client. This phase entails rigorous testing, responding to comments, and verifying that the project satisfies the given objectives and goals.

Demo:- After every modification and correction, the demo of final website is presented to the client.

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