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Search engines like Google use a lot of criteria to position the site’s web in search results above could have access to these suggestions from Page Rank. But, currently, Google keeps all those indications private.

Experts of top SEO Service Provider Company India have discovered some trends that can significantly increase search engine rankings and traffic. One of them is link building.

In this case, we will leave you a list of the best link building strategies to implement this 2020, so you will be aware of what is working to increase your authority.

How many do follow and no follow you should have this 2020

Logically, to have a balanced and natural link building strategy it is necessary to have 50 “do follow links and 50” no-follow links. But, over the years, experts in web positioning have determined that this must be evaluated according to the sector you are targeting.

According to top SEO Company in USA, To know what the trends are in your sector you must use an analysis tool, here is a list of the most recommended. You just have to enter the domain of your competition and view the report, it will contain the number of backlinks that the site produces and its proper classification.

  • Semrush.
  • Ahref.
  • KW finder.
  • Open site explorer.

Best link building strategies in 2020 by Top SEO Service Provider Company India

Once you have in mind what your next link building goal will be, you can consider some of these best link building strategies 2020, so that you can get the attention of all those authoritative sites and get great links.

Check them out below.

Replicate links:

It consists of looking for inspiration in the link building techniques of your competitors, in this sense, you should not only analyze the classification of the links, but also the type of technique they use. For example, some may publish high-quality content; others perform guest blogging, sponsored links, among others.

Then, you will analyze which were the best techniques, that is, the ones that had the best results in terms of authority. This analysis must be very detailed and thorough; you will consider the keywords they used, the type of content, the length of the content, the images, the publication date, among other relevant data. So that you can replicate it later.

Remember that it should not be an exact copy, but a resource that you can adapt to your site, but with which you can achieve the same results. In this process, it is also important that you analyze the cost of each of these techniques.

Find link opportunities:

In case you don’t know where to get good opportunities to link, you can use this strategy. For this, you will need the Arhefs tool, exactly in its Link Intersect section.

It works for links and websites of high authority, excess lens options where you can make links.

At the top of the tool, you are going to enter a list of the domains of your most direct competitors, in this section, the tool will show you which sites they link to.

At the bottom, you are going to enter the URL of your website, so that the results are only those that do not yet contain a link to your website.

Then you click on Show link opportunities, then you will see a list of domains that you can contact for a link exchange.

Next, you can perform an analysis of the type of backlinks they like, so that you can offer a proposal that they cannot reject.

Link Baiting, quality content:

It is a link building strategy with some organic nuances since the way to get links is by making very high-quality content, which manages to attract the attention of authoritative domains. It can be a bit difficult to carry out this project at first, especially when you are not yet very popular in the industry.

According to the provider of Organic SEO services in India, In this case, it is important to create content that is valuable in terms of quality but that is also strategic.

Guest Blogging Strategy:

Guest blogging is also one of the most popular strategies since they tend to show very good results, not only when it comes to increasing authority, but also to achieve a higher traffic rate. However, it is one of those techniques that require a lot of planning, but the results are usually long-lasting.

Here is a list of steps to make guest content effectively given by Professional SEO experts in India.

  • Analyzes the audience of the domain: You should verify that it is a similar audience you want to reach, for example, if you have a store za pin s for trekking, you should do guest blogging a hiking site.
  • Make an invitation: You can do it via email, WhatsApp, or Telegram, it consists of proposing the domain where you want to link to make a publication of your content. Here you must demonstrate the effectiveness of your articles and some examples of what you want to write for them.
  • Make a calendar of all your guest blogging strategies: You must set action times, and analysis of results, so you can perfect your technique more and more.

Finally, remember to try new things from time to time, so you find a technique that can adapt perfectly to your aiming you, these link building strategies to implement in 2020  can be the beginning of a better your optimizations.