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Google RankBrain is the sophisticated Artificial Intelligence algorithm that Google has created to improve the way the search engine processes and displays search results. We’ll tell you what it’s about and why it’s important when it comes to SEO.

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Whenever Google makes its updates, the SEO community is waiting, because clearly, something new is coming! With the advent of Google Artificial Intelligence in October 2015, greater challenges came, and it wasn’t for nothing, Google was bringing to market the heavy machinery: Artificial Intelligence (AI)!

According to the SEO Service provider in USA, Google Artificial Intelligence was created with the purpose of bringing to a higher level, more efficient, and accurate; Google outputs the results on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

How does Google Artificial Intelligence work?

  • Google Artificial Intelligence makes use of word vectors and some semantic search processes, and semantic SEO, to classify information so that you can group the words, phrases, or keywords that a user enters to decipher whether they match the content they find on a given web page.
  • Google RankBrain uses word vectors and semantic search processes to assign meaning to user searches and modify search results based on it.
  • This algorithm can assign meaning to searches, even those that are not familiar to them, and has the ability to modify their results based on relevance, search location, or user behavior patterns.

How does Google Artificial Intelligence impact searches?

It is important to clarify that Google’s RankBrain algorithm does not classify content or process user queries, at least not all, but it is one of the three most important factors that Google considers when classifying content.

Search results have changed with the advent of Google Artificial Intelligence. For example, those web pages that optimize their contents and adapt them to the user’s search intent can gain more traffic by being among the first results.

Long-tail keywords are easier to process and achieve more efficient results (something that was almost impossible for old algorithms). Unusual keywords have the opportunity to appear in the search engine and gain traffic, as Google RankBrain’s algorithm is able to process and understand them.

And, most logically and obviously, queries are now simpler and smarter, with greater meaning and understanding on Google’s part.

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Google Artificial Intelligence and SEO

What happens now to the way SEO is done? This must be the most important question you’ve had since we started the post? But far from claiming that SEO has died because of Google’s Artificial Intelligence, as many said when this algorithm came out of Google’s nest, we want to persuade you to consider some aspects that are going to improve your SEO strategy and make it attach to Google RankBrain’s algorithm.

SEO has not died since the Google RankBrain algorithm appeared, but several SEO aspects have changed and we need to update our web positioning strategies.

Different classification signals are applied for different queries

Google Artificial Intelligence works with machine learning, which means that the algorithm detects each new signal that appears on a website and verifies it to see if it matches the user’s search intent for that time.

But those signals are no longer those that led to the optimization of a web page, such as keywords, links, deep content, among others, but rather those that give with the query exactly. Approaches don’t count! Now accurate signals are needed.

Signals apply to your website’s reputation

The reputation of a website is one of the most important consequences of web positioning. Good reputation, of course! And that’s why you need to give Google Artificial Intelligence the right signals so it can show you how to show yourself as someone capable of meeting the needs of users in a certain area.

Research and classify the types of searches your audience does and send the right signals to show you as someone who answers their questions and provides solutions.

One page per keyword, one page that’s dead, really dead

Google Artificial Intelligence hits those who were used to creating a page for each keyword they could think of. This idle practice must now be discarded, ethically and for reasons of web positioning.

You should focus on creating a website with comprehensive content, loaded with meaning, and understandable keywords. Steal your dream to be able to create content with natural language! Language understood by Google Artificial Intelligence and used by users.

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