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You’re probably already investing in social media, but are you doing a good job? Here in this article discover the necessary elements in a strategy on social networks and if you are following the right path.

Do you have any social media strategy? No, really. Then this article by a top social media company in India will be going to help you.


Many companies know, more or less, what they would like to share with the public, but they don’t document, plan, or accompany everything they post, let alone the reactions of their followers.

Result: profiles without followers, with low interest and marketing ROI that does not justify the time wasted with the technique in question.

And it’s no use blaming the algorithms. The fact by a social media company in India is that without proper planning, followed by good execution, it is difficult to stand out in the competitive social media scenario.


Want to know how to make an effective strategy for your social networks and get real results? So, let’s get started!


Why does your social media strategy have to be flawless?

Is it so important to worry about projecting a careful strategy, taking into account different aspects, such as the type of audience to attract and the frequency of posts?

The answer is yes by the professional SMO experts in India. First of all, because that’s how big brands act on their social networks.

And we’re not just talking about mega-corporations with millionaire budgets in Marketing, but all the businesses, small or big, that won a loyal audience on those networks.

Buying followers and using other tactics to “circumvent the system” is just a make-up, which can make a good impression at first but hides a lousy condition, in which social media is an expense and not a profitable investment.

Your strategy has to be flawless because that’s how you get lasting results. This is how money is made and the brand is strengthened, and as social networks become the indispensable resource that everyone talks about.

Let’s see the important elements you should have;


10 elements your strategy should have by social media company in India

As we highlighted at the beginning, it’s no use having a strategy in half. If it’s to invest in that powerful channel, make it the right way.

And for that, your strategy must have the 10 elements we’re going to tell you now. Understand each of them better and find out why they’re on this list:


1. Regularity

On what days and times do you post updates on each social network? You need to be regular, so people even know when your next post will be.

According to professional SMO expertsthis shows that your brand is reliable, organized.

2. Own personality

Authenticity is essential to stand out in any environment, whether physical or digital. People sense if your posts are original or if they try to copy the style from other brands.

Have your own personality, don’t try to be like the others.

3. Understanding the environment

Have you seen any marks that don’t know how to behave in the virtual environment? Well, that’s right, social media is full of them. We talked earlier about the brand’s personality, which is vital to success.

On the other hand, understanding how each social network works and adapting to that is also possible.

Doing so can be compared to learning the rules of behavior of a place you never frequent, to follow them and show respect.

4. Retargeting

Retargeting is the practice of showing specific ads for people who have already come into contact with the product or service you’re selling but didn’t buy it for some reason.

With this tactic, as soon as the person accesses your favorite social network, they will find an engaging ad to return to your website and finish the purchase.

5. Traffic addressing

Traffic is not the most important indicator of the success of a digital strategy, but it is an important step for you to achieve the desired results.

With all the effort made to create a loyal audience, you must address traffic for your website and blog. 

6. Engagement

Engagement is what leads people to listen to and follow your tips and recommendations. In other words, it’s what generates credibility and can influence your fan base.

For this reason, participating in and promoting relevant discussions, rather than self-promoting, is the best way to bring your presence to social media.

7. Organic growth

What is your organic growth strategy? If the plan is to go viral a video and wait for followers to come running, better think of another course of action.

8. Crisis plan

What would you do if sensitive company information, or worse, about customers was leaked? How would you act in case someone in the company is charged with a crime, or the brand itself gets involved in a judicial problem?

According to social media company in IndiaSuch a crisis plan makes all the difference. Instead of believing that something like this is never going to happen, be prepared to control the damage that such situations always cause.

9. Trained and qualified equipment

Don’t fall for the mistake of leaving anyone responsible for social media. It is one thing to use them for personal purposes and another well different is to be the voice carrier of the company communicating with customers.

Any publication or interaction is public. This puts your social media team in a display case. They need a lot of training and good tools to do an excellent job.

10. Well-defined KPIs

KPIs (key performance indicators) are responsible for showing the health and effectiveness of your strategy. Without them, you’re not going to be able to accurately accompany the results of your effort, let alone optimize it.


With these 10 elements set up correctly, your social media strategy will be more complete. But the main thing is that you learn with practice. Even if all the elements are aligned, you’ll need patience and testing to optimize the results. Then you’ll have an interested audience, which will generate conversions for your business.

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