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Google to Switch All Sites Mobile-First Indexing By September 2020

Mobile-first indexing means Google now decides to index or ranks the content first based on its mobile version. Basically in the primary stage of the search engine ranking process, Google uses the desktop version to give any result to the user’s query.

For the first time in 2016, Google has introduced with mobile-first indexing. From that point forward, a great deal of data about this has been distributed. Then after Google constantly share information and data regarding this concept and show us how it works.

Just as of late, Google affirmed that 70% of locales have just made the move to mobile-first indexing. The staying 30% will be moved by September at the most recent, as Google says that is the point at which all destinations will be formally exchanged over.

Why does Google consider Mobile-First Indexing?

As per Google (and endless different examinations), mobile traffic has suppressed the traffic through desktop on Google.

Google is based on a straightforward guideline: give the client data as quick conceivable that is as exact as could be allowed.

Google needs to convey content quickly and viably. To fulfill this need, Google can’t just stay back and indexing the results according to the desktop when they know the traffic comes more through mobiles.

How would you know whether your site has been moved to mobile-first indexing? 

You can check your site’s mobile-first indexing status. In Google Search Console you can check your site’s URL on the URL inspection tool and can see whether your site mobile-first indexing or not.

Some significant things to keep an eye out for while improving for mobile-first indexing are: 

  • On-page content is the equivalent of both desktop and mobile versions.
  • Meta information is the equivalent on the two variants
  • Organized information is the equivalent on both variant

Google’s URL testing tool permits site owners to handily check both the desktop and mobile versions and usability of a page. You must need to ensure that content in both mobile and desktop consider being identical by Google. By using this tool you can also see that. Work with Top SEO agency and top Web developing agency to make your site indexing on Google easily.


Google explicitly suggests not utilizing separate versatile URLs since they can cause “issues and disarray” for web crawlers and clients. The highest quality level for mobile-first indexing is responsive website composition.

Mobile page speed in mobile-first indexing

Making your mobile site stronger than ever before your first priority must be to optimize the Site open speed in Mobile. The faster your site opens the faster you get the indexing on google and stay ahead.

As indicated by a 2017 report on versatile benchmarks from Google, most of the destinations in each industry are 3x slower than the best act of three seconds.

This is likely because the normal mobile page in a given industry is numerous megabytes. The best practice is 500KB.

With each additional second on your mobile page speed, you can anticipate huge increments in bounce rates. From one second to ten seconds brings about a 123 percent expansion in the likelihood of a client skipping.

Speed can straightforwardly affect your bounce rate. and play the biggest role to decrease the rank of your site on the search engines.

Things you follow to increase Mobile page speed

Check your site in Google’s Test My Site tool. Google provides this tool to show you what causes your site to slow down. In that report, you can get your top fixes report and according to that you can fix all issues and increase your page speed.


So as now Google all set to rank mobile site first then the desktop site and follow Mobile-first indexing, you must have to be very careful and just do a few changes to make your site more effective.

On the off chance that the mobile version of your site isn’t responsive, quick, and set, your rankings will affect a lot.

So lets up to date the mobile version of your site with its desktop version content and guarantee that you will get the best result.

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