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SEO or Search engine optimization is the set of rules for upgrading your site with the goal that it can accomplish higher rankings in search engines. SEO helps in improving the quality of a website and make the site user and search engine friendly.

According to the Top SEO service provider, The 2 most important things in SEO that make your site rank high in the search engine are Site Structure & Internal Linking.

Let’s have a look at the importance of Site Structure & Internal Linking.

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Importance of Site Structure by Top SEO service provider in Bangalore

Site structure is an essential part of your SEO system. The structure of your site shows the search engines which pages of your site are generally significant. It is a guide for the search engine crawler to index the site easily.

Site structure alludes to how you sort out your site’s information. A site frequently comprises information on an assortment of – related – subjects, introduced on posts and pages. The site structure manages how this substance is assembled, connected and introduced to the guest.

Site Structure will give search engine pieces of information about where to locate the most fundamental substance. Through site structure, you can tell the search engine which page, content or information is so crucial and important to index in.

  • A navigation Map for Search Engines

Google crawl the sites by following connections, internal and external, utilizing a bot called Googlebot. Furthermore, by following those connections, Google decides the connection between the different pages. The structure of your site is a manual for Google and in this way pivotal.

  • Site structure is significant for User Experience

Site structure is not only so important in indexing your site in google but also make your site user-friendly. If your site structure is clear your audience can easily understand your website. A good site structure can able to convert your visitor to become your customer. This gives you a lot of benefits. search engines also like the site on which site performs very well.

Importance of internal linking by Top SEO service provider in Bangalore

Best SEO Service provider in BangaloreLike Site Structure, Internal linking is also a major part of SEO. Internal linking is one of the most significant components of building a consistent website is connecting between pages.

This should be possible through both navigational things and internal connections in the body content.

Internal linking helps the crawler easy to crawl every page without missing anything and also helps the visitor to understand the importance of each page of a site also.

Internal links help with the progression of value a page has developed. This takes into account pages further inside a site to rank better for related terms.

A decent method to think about this idea resembles a champagne tower. On the off chance that glass at the highest point of the pinnacle has a plenitude of champagne streaming into it at that point, the champagne will stream to different pages as long as they are stacked in like manner.


Best SEO Service providers say A site’s structure is extraordinarily significant bits of the SEO puzzle. By setting up an all-around arranged structure for your site at an early stage you are setting up a more grounded establishment to expand upon. Without a solid site structure, the remainder of your SEO endeavors will have less of an effect on your general achievement.

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