Stack Overflow Results | The 2019 Annual Developer Survey


Stack Overflow’s yearly Developer Survey is the biggest and most far-reaching study of individuals who code the world over. Every year, we field an overview covering everything from engineers’ most loved advancements to their activity inclinations. This year points the ninth year we’ve distributed our yearly Developer Survey results, and about 90,000 designers took the 20-minute study recently.

Notwithstanding our overview’s wide reach and limit with respect to illuminating important ends, we recognize that our outcomes don’t speak to everybody in the designer network uniformly. We have further work to do to make Stack Overflow the inviting, comprehensive, and different stage we need it to be, and this is reflected in our review test. We are focused on a structure on steps we’ve taken in 2018 and improving around there this year and past. A portion of these study results legitimately control those endeavors.

To address the attributes of our information, make sure to look at where we condense results by nation or sexual orientation, feature results for underrepresented racial/ethnic gatherings or use study weighting to address for statistic skew.

Most Popular Technologies


Web Frameworks


Other Frameworks, Libraries, and Tools






Most Loved, Dreaded, and Wanted Languages


Most Loved, Dreaded, and Wanted Web Frameworks


Most Popular Development Environments


Blockchain in the Real World


Top Paying Technologies


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